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We plan, organize and present workshops and meetings for you. Especially when you need to cope with demanding or imminent challenges. In doing so, we draw not only on our experience as presenters and trainers but also on our experience in situations in which we as operational managers had to deal with problems and difficulties.

Examples of our offering:

Two businesses were breaking up their respective IT departments and merging them. Specialist and managerial functions were re-organized and had to become immediately operational. That had to happen quickly because the parent companies were demanding and expecting results. In a series of workshops, the service packages were distributed and the service providing roles were defined. Workshops were also run to resolve the frictions caused in the implementation process.

Maintentance and repair of airplanes is a costly endeavor. Partly as a result of the work itself, but particularly because of the airplane idle periods. The maintenance and repair work takes place wherever the planes happen to be at the time, in other words throughout the world. Teams of experts have to be organized logistically to cope with this. Several business areas have to cooperate very closely. As a result of a variety of factors, this cooperation had been disrupted in one specialist airline company and had to be restored quickly, which was achieved through our workshops.

Over a lengthy period of time, cooperation in the business unit of a technical company had increasingly deteriorated. Although departments were cooperating on the surface, they were increasingly finding reasons not to make their respective contributions to collaborative work, or only to do so late. Communication among staff was friendly - but not honest. Specific details that had no particular relevance were discussed at great length and the energy to complete important tasks was missing. In the course of a crisis conference over several days, the solwic-team was able to expose the situation and to convince the managers of the necessity to alter their behavior up to that point.

The dispute resulting from a generational conflict about "correct" working practices had escalated to such an extent that both sides were interfering significantly in the other's fields of activity. The police were almost involved, which plant security was only able to prevent at the last minute. Through the solwic crisis workshop it was possible to recover the disrupted dialog and to bring the adversaries once more closer together.

One company department was made legally independent and was supposed to assert itself in the market on its own. The employees affected by this and their managers had to be won over in favor of these measures. That was difficult because they believed that the real aim was to cut jobs. An important milestone that helped to win over the employees concerned was a conference in which all specialist staff and managers took part. Here it was possible to absorb the negative atmosphere and to turn it on its head, so that the energy needed to make the change became available.

The two managing directors of a medium-size company had different management styles. The two business areas led by them also developed in very different ways. To prevent damage to the company, a review of the managing directors performance as well as a massive restructuring of the company occurred. Following an initial coaching session, the review between the managing directors took place and in a series of four workshops to which the specialists and managers concerned participated, the preconditions for the restructuring were created.

The organizational structure in one business field of a large affiliated corporation was no longer coherent. In a series of several one-day workshops, the management team succeeded in planning a reorganization that was accepted by everyone.

management consultancy and crisis management solwic-team at Hameln

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