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Our seminars concentrate on enabling managers to overcome difficult and challenging management situations. All of our training is completely interactive and practical. Our main focus is in-house seminars.

Examples of our in-house seminars offering:

At the end of a period of short-time work, staff was leaving a company with just under 400 employees. A profit could only be achieved again with approximately 80 % of the workforce at the time. In a multi-level series of seminars the managers were trained to

  • communicate to their staff the goals, tasks and changes that they were facing in such a way that they joined forces to address them
  • turn the managers, who had so far been acting in isolation, into a management team functioning pro-actively
  • network with the head office and the other companies in the group in such a way that solutions to problems and innovations were communicated quickly, so that the "whole organism" became more effective and efficient.

Following an accident that only by chance resulted in no personal injury, a concept to prevent a repetition of the risk was developed with the employers' liability insurance association. Parts of this procedure were met with considerable resistance from the workforce. In special seminars the managers were trained to persuade the staff of the necessity of the measures.

As a result of a specific market situation, a company had to cope with a period of very rapid growth. This meant that the specialists and managers were young and inexperienced. That had consequences, e.g. mistakes and increasingly dissatisfied customers. In a specially designed series of seminars, the managers were trained to deal with the extreme disquiet among the staff by using appropriate management behavior and to restore quality and customer satisfaction.

The leadership team of a company was trained to act effectively and prudently in crises and emergencies, both in managing the staff and in dealing with the authorities and media.

management consultancy and crisis management solwic-team at Hameln

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