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Keynote Speeches

If a company or organization is changing something that affects many people, it is very important to communicate the initial information and early steps both cautiously and effectively. That happens at works meetings, conferences or information events, for example.

In a presentation or speech, the so-called keynote speech, the reasons, opportunities and risks behind the imminent change are identified and brought into focus. Keynote speeches are thus an essential tool in determining whether or not a change is perceived as necessary and credible by the workforce. For this reason, a keynote speaker must be able to convey what he or she has to say in a concise and completely credible way. Technical and rhetorical presence is required. Form and content must be in harmony.

Unfortunately, there are examples in which the keynote speaker perfectly masters the form, but falls short when it comes to the content. Then the speech descends into a pure piece of entertainment without genuine substance. We concentrate on the fields in which we are experts. Our keynote speeches are convincing both rhetorically and in terms of content.

Examples of our offering:

  • Introduction of cost-cutting measures
  • Relocation
  • Business transfer in compliance with § 613a of the German Civil Code (BGB)
  • Introduction of performance assessment
  • Introduction of a target agreement system related to pay
  • Reduction in staff
  • Information about an imminent merge process
  • Merging of company departments
  • Introduction of pro-active sales in a bank
  • Factory closure
  • Change of strategy

management consultancy and crisis management solwic-team at Hameln

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