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Coaching is often a process that lasts longer and therefore requires more time. In the case of acute or directly imminent challenges, however, time pressure exists. This is a situation in which there is frequently an urgent need for coaching, but conversely there is no time for classic coaching. The solwic-team has developed a specific ad hoc approach that quickly and effectively helps managers facing this sort of challenges.

Examples of our offering:

  • The young manager learned how to get respect and recognition from the "old hands".
  • The experienced manager at an upper management level learned how to resolve a latent but significant conflict with his own manager successfully.
  • The project leader learned how to campaign successfully to get the resources necessary to make the project a success.
  • The managing director learned how to communicate bad news efficiently and clearly.
  • The manager learned how to resolve conflicts between two quarreling groups of staff in a pro-active way.
  • The human resources manager learns how to conduct exit interviews in both a clear and appreciative way.
  • The human resources manager learned how to react appropriately to the "difficult" works council.
  • The only female manager in the management team learned how to develop a profile of her own that is accepted by the other managers.
  • The top manager learned how to communicate in an appreciative way.

management consultancy and crisis management solwic-team at Hameln

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